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12-11-2001, 10:01 PM
Hello all. This is my first post so I thought I would say hello to all.

Anyway, I have been playing Birthright for about 6 months now and I enjoy it very much.

I currently play as a rouge/assassin named Serina. The party I am in currently plays in Reulgard(sp) which is in Brechtür.

Well, that is it for me now, hopefully I can join you all in some good disscusions.

12-11-2001, 11:21 PM
Greetings and salutations. I trust your name shall not reflect your actions on this page.

12-11-2001, 11:36 PM
No, my name does not reflect anything. It was a online name I picked up a while ago. Plus I like the way it sounds...haha

Lord Eldred
12-11-2001, 11:51 PM
DeviantOne and Lawgiver talking in the same place and Lawgiver is not putting the DeviantOne under arrest... hmmm maybe Lawgiver is getting soft ;)


12-12-2001, 06:44 AM
hmmmmm.....gooood finally some useful company.

12-12-2001, 12:55 PM
Be careful DeviantOne the key word is 'useful'. The Magian is a crafty fellow.

Lord Eldred
12-13-2001, 01:23 AM
Not to mention someone you don't want to let touch you or use you in any way.

12-13-2001, 01:53 AM
Yeah, and if you hesitate, have a chat with old fellow Maalvar. I'm sure he'll put things in perspective :P

12-13-2001, 04:16 AM
Aw come on fellas... just because he's dead, his skin is rotten, he smells funny, his voice is gravelly, his bones stick out, and eyes are creepy looking doesn't mean he's that bad of a guy....

Lord Eldred
12-13-2001, 12:58 PM
I haven't seen you reach out and give him a big hug yet;)

Lord Shaene
12-14-2001, 01:27 PM
Hello Deviant One,

Im glad to meet another of my rouge brethren here, sometimes it gets claustrophobic in here with all these law abiding citizens around

12-15-2001, 06:38 AM
Orginally posted by Lord Eldred

I haven't seen you reach out and give him a big hug yet;)
Listen Eldred... I'm about as in touch with my softer side as I'm going to get.

Be careful of Lord Shaene... he has a tendency to wander into pockets that aren't his own.

Lord Eldred
12-16-2001, 02:27 AM
Lord Shaene has a tendency to reach into more than just pockets. You best put guards on your homes if you wish to protect yourself from him, but that may not even be enough!

Lawgiver, I am glad you are in touch with your softer side. :) I am just saying that if you hug that guy everything about you might be softer...and rotten!