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Welcome to Birthright.net, the official website for the Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting, Birthright.

In 2006 we started a Birthright wiki. Now 4 years later, BRWiki has over 14,469 pages and is still growing. The BRWiki contains not only core Birthright material such as lore (ready to use NPCs, Domains and histories) and the play rules compatible with D&D 3.5, but also the complete D20 system reference document (D&D 3.5). Also included are userpages with fan based house rules and content, and pages for play by email campaigns.

This all makes Birthright.net a valuable resource for all roleplay fans!

We do however encourage fans to help us by updating the wiki. This can be done either in small edits or full blown domain descriptions. Don't be afraid to try. It is a wiki so you simply cannot screw up or do anything wrong :-)

Useful links for helping out:

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