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Thanks for linking all the military units. There are other related pages for these units for alternate combat systems. See Category:Military_Units.

So, would some sort of disambig page for each be better? Or perhaps at the top of that BRCS:Chapter six/Armies and warfare/Military units page, which is the only return on a search for "units"?

I see, also... "Sort out links for military units and their variations, e.g. for Cry Havoc, Skirmish""

...which implies that you've beaten your head against this particular rock before, mebbe? And I take it the "discussion/talk" pages are not used in favour of Forum discussion - cool. Is there an approp forum thread for this topic?

Either way, thnx - --Cuchulainshound 00:24, 20 October 2010 (UTC)

  • And yes, I aimed to make a general page for each of the units, with links to each variation
Well, the pages are now ready and waiting. ;) Perhaps(?) better, might be to make a single page for all that information, as much would be redundant, and just have diff sub-categories for the diff units. Each specific unit name would then redirect to that single page - less work overall, and easier to compare/contrast, which is (often) the reason folk look such up in the first place. Meh, either way - but when I edited Dwarf Fortress wiki for a while ([1]), that sort of approach worked well for me when there was no clear hierarchy/tree for organizing information, as this case where diff units and diff systems each vie for organizational authority. Just put it all on one page, let the user follow links where they want beyond that. --Cuchulainshound 00:43, 20 October 2010 (UTC)