Rjurik Scouts (Heroes of Battle)

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Rjurik Scout card.jpg


Rjurik Scout 40 per normal unit; Scout 3; CR 3;

Rjurik Ranger 20 per normal unit; Ranger 3; CR 3;

Rjurik Veteran Scout 15 per normal unit; Scout 4; CR 4;

Rjurik Veteran Ranger 10 per normal unit; Ranger 4; CR 4;


Rjurik Noble 4 per normal unit; Noble 3; CR 3;

Rjurik Elite Ranger 6 per normal unit; Ranger 5; CR 5;

Rjurik Druid 3 per normal unit; Druid 5; CR 5;

Rjurik Sergeant 2 per normal unit; Ranger 6; CR 6;

Rjurik Lieutenant 1 per normal unit; Noble 4/ Ranger 4; CR 8

Rjurik Captain 1 per normal unit; Noble 5/ Ranger 5; CR 10


In the Rjurik Highlands scouts are not composed mostly of rogues and guild members. Instead, scouts are largely scouts and rangers, although rogues are present as well. This is what accounts for the higher missile rating. On the other hand, the scouts fight in a very loose skirmish order and do not bring very much melee power together at any one place. Rjurik scouts would prefer to avoid melee altogether, and rely exclusively on missiles.

Rjurik Scouts have a very high movement and may move freely through most types of terrain.