Rjurik Highlands

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The northwestern region of Cerilia is known as Rjurik. Its regions and provinces were part of the Anuirean Empire, but have been independent for almost five hundred years. Its human population are Rjurik.

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The Taelshore

The Taelshore is the most civilized area of Rjurik, it was the first to be settled by the human people known as Rjuven. All of the realms are populated by Rjurik humans. This region is also the site of the greatest changes going in the Rjurik culture, as it includes traditional nomads, settled farmers, and urban Rjurik. How these people get along and how they define what it means to be Rjurik will have great influence on the direction of the Rjurik people.

The Northlands

The Northlands is the home of the people most like the traditional Rjurik, there is still tension between the settled and nomadic Rjurik. Just as cities are a force of change on the Taelshore, settlement is changing the Northlands. Even so, this region is far more wild, and includes three vast, empty realms, and a humanoid realm.

The Wild Lands

The The Wild Lands are isolated realms including the realms east of the established Rjurik domains and west of the Krakennauricht. Mostly non-human realms, they do include new Rjurik realms as well.

Other Rjurik Realms

The Rjurik are voyagers, and people not content to remain in the safety and comforts of the Rjurik homeland, such as they are, have founded realms.

The Tribes

The nomadic Rjurik continue to organize themselves as tribes, governed by chiefs. This is not an exhaustive list, as other tribes exist as well.