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Started in 2006, BRWiki now has over 14,469 pages.
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So why a Birthright wiki? As you're going through looking for information, if you see something that's incorrect, you can correct it. If you see any information that's missing, you can add it. This way, the information here should be as up to date as possible, instead of having to wait for a small group of people to update the information. The more people that use the BRWiki, the more up to date the information will be!

However, this is not Wikipedia, and we have slightly different ways of doing things - for more info, see About BRWiki.

Birthright Lore

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Birthright Campaign Setting (D&D 3.5/D20 version)

Chapter one: Characters
Chapter two: Blood and regency

Chapter three: Magic

Chapter four: Gods and religion
Chapter five: Ruling a domain
Chapter six: Armies and warfare
Chapter seven: Realm magic
Chapter eight: Outside the lines
Chapter nine: Creatures

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Custom Gameplay

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Fan Based

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