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House rules

House rules are changes made by players and DMs to the roleplaying rule-set used in their game-play. These can have very profound impacts on game-play and accordingly they should not be directly added to any articles which aim to expand on the existing setting or the BRCS. While it is very easy to see the impact of changing an NPC’s alignment or level will have on game-play and work around it in an article, it can be quite difficult to see the impact of a change to the actual rules underpinning the game. This is particularly so if a page simply assumes knowledge of the rule change and doesn’t spell out what it is doing and how – for example, NPCs generated with the wound/vitality point system from Unearthed Arcana (pp 115-118) rather than hit points.

Some people like house rules, some don’t. If you don’t, please simply ignore them rather than flaming. If you think a rule is so good it should become canon, please raise the matter on the forums. Chapters 1 and 2 of the BRCS have been sanctioned, after much discussion and voting, but other chapters of the BRCS have yet to be finalized. That doesn't mean you can't upload your own version here of a rule in Chapter One or Two, just that it won't be voted on and included in the BRCS.

If you want to add a house rule to an area already covered, or create a page of your own house rules, please create an ‘also see’ tag below – remember the naming convention and try to make the name distinctive. By linking each page to your user name you can avoid copying an existing BRCS link and also emphasize that this is your work – not ‘official canon’.

Please also start with a breadcrumb back to this page for ease of navigation, and put a red band at the top of the article to show that it is a house rule. The Category for house rules should be both ‘Game Mechanics’ and ‘House Rules’ – see an existing page for a template. You can copy and paste to and from Word when editing a wiki page and it is often easier to convert a copy of someone else’s rules into yours than work from scratch.

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