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All 31 "Editing Tips of the Day"

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To pull the Editing Tip of the Day into a page, use {{editingtip}}.

1 Using <div style="margin-left: 3%"> to indent your subsections makes your page more readable! [edit]
2 Not finding the Help you're looking for? Try Category:Help! [edit]
3 There's lots of pre-made templates ready for use to help you design your pages! [edit]
4 Deleting a page only takes a few tag inserts. See Help:Deleting pages! [edit]
5 Categorize your pages to make them even easier to find. And finding pages relating to yours! [edit]

6 Want the Tip of the Day in your page? Just insert {{editingtip}}! [edit]
7 The other contributors value your input! You can help out by voting! [edit]
8 Want to help out but don't know with what? Check out the Community portal! [edit]
9 There's plenty of Boilerplates to help you get your pages right, right from the start! [edit]
10 Can't find the template you're looking for? Try navigating Category:Templates! [edit]

11 Use ~~~~ and it will be replaced with [[User:<your_username>|<your_username>]] on save! [edit]
12 Bookmark the editing quickref!   It has all those pesky tags you can't quite remember. [edit]
13 You no longer need to use {{catredirect|<category name>}} when redirecting a regular article to a category page. [edit]
14 Do you want to get your page just right? The BRWiki Guidelines might be of help! [edit]
15 Want to draw attention to your vote? Link to it from the Community Portal votes section! [edit]

16 Use {{tocright}} to position the Contents Section on the right. [edit]
17 If you make a page, do not try to drum up support for it. Let the people come to you. [edit]
18 The Show Preview button is your friend. Always use it before saving the final version of the page. [edit]
19 Don't want a Table of Contents on your page? Add __NOTOC__ at the top of the page. [edit]
20 Don't die. Or make edits that are incorrect. Both are bad, really. [edit]

21 Making a controversial or large edit to a page? Check the  discussion  page and tell people about it! [edit]
22 When making an item page, make it look like an in-game tooltip by putting style="{{tooltipcss}}" to style your table. [edit]
23 Want to use a template for things, but don't know how they work or what they do? See BRWiki:Templates. [edit]
24 You can use the {{lang}} template to create links to Birthright wikis in other languages! [edit]
25 Creating an item article but you don't know what icon is used? Use {{Icon needed}}! [edit]

26 Check out the article on the GIMP for some useful tips on handling images before uploading them to the wiki! [edit]
27 And remember: "Go hug a gnome, he'll thank you for it!" [edit]
28 Fan fiction is always welcome on BRWiki. Remember to use the proper template to differentiate fan-created work from canon pages! [edit]
29 The Community portal is chock full of editing resources. It's a great help to editors! [edit]
30 Templates don't have to live in "Template:".   Using local templates makes your life easier! [edit]
31 Typoed your page's name? Don't delete and create a new one. Rename it! [edit]