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Anuire » Eastern Marches » Coeranys

Ruler Eluvie Cariele, Baroness of Coeranys
Alignment Chaotic Good
Capital Ruorven
Population 310,000
Religions Haelyn, Avanalae
GB Income GB (Province GB; Law GB)
RP Income RP (Province RP; Law RP)
GB Expenses GB (Army GB; Fortifications GB; Court GB)
Treasury GB
Acc. Regency ' RP


Life and Society

The Inhabitants of Coeranys find themselves happily free. The kingdom is their idea of paradise, and they’ll defend it as necessary. These passionate, dedicated people live their lives in joy.

Those who tend the roaming herds are known as landrunners. Landrunners reap the highest respect in Coeranys, for their work keeps money pouring into the domain.

The Land

The wide, rolling country of Coeranys ends in the southeast at the gulf that bears its name. The kingdom’s terrain varies between grass and swamp, making it prime territory for raising horses and cattle.

Storms boiling down from the mountains of Baruk-Azhik and rumbling across the Heartlands find Coeranys their eventual destination. It’s rare when a whole day remains clear, so the whole of this land remains well watered constantly. The too-common swamps and bogs make peat gathering a normal labor.

Bogsend (3/2)

Bogsend consists largely of good farmland and ample grazing for livestock, but the southern portion of the province consists of marshlands stretching all the way to the Gulf of Coeranys.

Caudraight (4/1)

Caudraight is well known for its Three Towns, three large towns that combined to rival Ruroven in population and economic importance.

Deepshadow (3/2)

Callannadwyl is not the largest settlement in Deepshadow, but as the only true elven village to exist in human lands it is somewhat special.

Duornil (2/3)

Duornil is

Cadfael Duorn is the Count of Duornil. The Iron Road passes through Duornil on its way from the Iron Peaks to Achiese.

Mistil (2/3)

Mistil is

Mistilen is a small port town on the Gulf of Coeranys in Mistil. It seems rather more like someplace you might find in the Chimaeron rather than Coeranys.

Ranien (2/3)

Ranien is

Amarante Raniel is the Count of Ranien.

Ruorven (4/1)

Ruorven is

The capital, Rourven, sits along the river that springs out of Elinien swampland. Any of Elinie's goods coming down the river reach Ruorven first, enabling Coeranys to tax them as necessary.



Important Figures

Domain Holding Table

Province Law Temple Guild Source
Bogsend (3/2) EC (1) LPA (1) GH (3) Sw2 (2)
Caudraight (4/1) EC (2) HA (2) DW (2) -----
LPA (2) GH (2)
Deepshadow (3/2) EC (2) LPA (2) DW (3) TBM (2)
Duornil (2/3) EC (1) LPA (1) DW (2) TBM (3)
Mistil (2/3) EC (1) LPA (2) DW (2) TBM (3)
Ranien (2/3) EC (1) LPA (1) EL (2) TBM (3)
Ruorven (4/1) EC (3) LPA (3) DW (2) -----
HA (1) EL (2)
Abbreviations: DW=Diirk Watershold (Royal Guild of Baruk-Azhik); EC=Eluvie Cariele (Coeranys); EL=Elamien Lamier (Points East Trading Guild); GH=Ghorien Hiriele (Highland/Overland Traders); HA=Haelyn's Aegis (Antia Maricoere); LPA=Life and Protection of Avanalae (Medhlorie Haensen); Sw2=Second Swamp Mage; TBM=Three Brothers Mages.