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There are many, many templates in use in BRWiki and these are only subset, hopefully representing the most commonly used ones. If you feel that a template belongs on this page, do not hesitate to add it.

Wiki templates provide a means to insert the same content over and over in different (or the same) pages. This saves editors the hassle of duplicating the same text again and again, and also helps ensure consistency. See Help:Template for further information on using and creating templates.

Templates are generally shown with the format required to use the template (i.e. {{Brbox}}). Clicking the template name takes you to the template's page, where you can see what it looks like and how it is used.

Tip of the day: Don't die. Or make edits that are incorrect. Both are bad, really.
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Article Management Tags

shortcut iconSee Also: Category:Article Management Tags

Image Copyright WoTC


Adds Wizards of the Coast copyright information below a picture. (©1996-2007 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.)



Add to articles or sections that require editing attention. This will include them in Category:Articles to clean up.

External Links

{{External links}}

Add to articles or sections that have a large number of links to external sources that could be changed to link to internal BRWiki pages. This will include them in Category:Articles with external links. Note that some types of external links are desirable, such as citations to on-line articles or forum posts.


{{Merge|<target article>}}

Add to articles that should be merged into one article. This will include them in Category:Merge candidates. Further elaboration on the articles' discussion pages would be helpful, such as suggesting which name both articles should be listed under.


{{Move|<target article>}}

Add to articles that should be moved to another name, in accordance with the Naming Policy. While many moves can be made immediately, if moving will be an involved process (as with a category) or there is debate as to what the article should be called, it is best to receive some feedback first.



Add to articles that should have sections split off into separate articles. This will include them in Category:Split candidates. Be sure to clarify on the article's discussion page which sections you think should be moved to a new article, and why.


When a page has little or no useful information, then it is a stub. See the BRWiki:Stub page for more info on how to deal with stubs.

Deletion templates

{{Delete}}, {{Speedydelete}}, {{Terminate}} etc are used as part of the article deletion process. See Delete, Terminate.

Talk pages


This template can be added to an article's talk page where discussion about the issue in general is overwhelming editorial concerns regarding the article in particular.

Citations needed

General Wiki Templates

shortcut iconSee Also: Category:General Wiki Templates


These templates are to be placed at the top of the page, normally, and indicate that the given page is a subpage of another.

  • {{breadcrumb0}}
    This is mostly here for formatting consistency between the mother page and its children.
  • {{breadcrumb1|<mother page>}}
    This indicates that it is a first-generation child of the mother page. Mother page is the name of the mother page, and should not include the namespace, as that is already assumed.
  • {{breadcrumb2|<grandmother page>|<mother page>}}
    This indicates that it is a second-generation child. In this case, mother page includes the grandmother page's name up to (excluding) the last slash.
  • {{breadcrumb3|<highest page>|<next page>|<immediately higher page>}}

Breadcrumbright templates are used in the same manner, except the links appear on the right side of its containing block.


Note that all these icons appear to the left of the text left edge. Use them only in indented sections (e.g. after a ":").

"I" icon{{icon-information}}
Red exclamation mark icon{{icon-exclamation}}
Lightbulb icon{{icon-lightbulb}}
shortcut icon{{icon-shortcut}}

Category Helpers

  • Use {{correct2category|<article type>|<good-category>}} at the top of category pages that shouldn't be used to tell people what category they should be using.
  • Use {{bigcat}} at the bottom of very large (nearly or over 200 articles) categories:
"I" iconThis is a very large category. To see more of it, you need to click the "Next" (or "Prev") links below. Also note that subcategories are sorted alongside articles, so not all subcategories are visible in the first page.
  • Note that {{catredirect|<destination category>}} is no longer required as of the MediaWiki 1.7 upgrade. You can now use regular #redirect [[:Category:destination category]] redirects.

Clear below break before starting

  • You can use {{clr}} instead of the HTML tag that clears space below things like images, pictures and tables, so stuff doesn't begin until the bottom of the image, picture or table box: <br style="clear:both;" />

Line spacing

  • {{spc}} adds a moderate space between two paragraphs, or between items in a bullet list. The spacing is about 75% of a regular line height.


  • Use {{disambig}}, if a page has a chance of being confused with a page of a similar name but different content, a disambiguation page may be in order. See that page for more info on creating one and linking to it.

Tables of Contents

Have you seen how some pages have a nice floating TOC to the left or right? Its easy to add:

  • Use {{tocleft}} at the top of the page for one on the left.
  • Use {{tocright}} at the top of the page for one on the right.


If you want to make a nice looking tab to clearly indicate what to click, like  discussion , you can use the following:

Template Links

Make example template code for templates with a link to them:

  • Simple template (i.e. {{disambig}}), no parameters: {{tlink|<template_name>}}
  • Template with 1 parameter: {{t1link|<template_name>|<parameter1>}}
  • Template with 2 parameters: {{t2link|<template_name>|<parameter1>|<parameter2>}}
  • Up to 3 parameters: {{t3link|<template_name>|<parameter1>|<...>}}

Also See

Add references to other articles using {{AlsoSee #}}. For example, to add two references to a page, use {{AlsoSee|[[Formulas: Health Regen]], [[Formulas:Mana Regen]]}}:

shortcut iconSee Also: Shadow World, Ghoere

For consistency, it's recommended that you add the Also See box to the very bottom of the article, or a specialized section of a larger article.

Infoline, Infobox, Bands

  • You can put informative text here, which may be multi-line.
  • It can even have more than one bullet!

{{Infobox|<text>}} results in a small box off to the right (look →):    

{{Infoline|<text>}} results in a page-wide bar with text in it (see below ↓). It is purposefully not named "band-blue" as its color might change if the wiki color scheme changes; it is meant to be well-visible but not too obtrusive.
This results in rather noticeable text. The colorization is not too obtrusive.
{{band-turquoise|<text>|<extra css params>}} et al results in a page-wide bar with text in it (see below ↓):
This is a message in a band-turquoise.
This is a message in a band-green.
This is a message in a band-blue.
This is a message in a band-red.
This is a message in a band-brownish.
This is a message in a band-purple.
This is a message in a band-black.

There is also a {{band}} that you can use to specify your own colors (the band-color templates all use it). Please don't use it to create colored bands nearly the same as the above ones, though. To the graphically-aware visitors out there, it is annoying to have colors slightly change from page to page.

See page end for page-specific bars.

Example, Example/Begin, Example/End

{{Example|<small text>}} can be used for very small examples, but often you will want to pull in substantial pieces of other pages or templates, in which case you can use {{Example/Begin}} LOTS of text, probably multiline {{Example/End}}:

LOTS of text, probably multiline

Page actions

  • {{edit}} can be used to create a link for editing a page, e.g. {{edit|BRWiki:Templates}} creates [edit].
  • {{purge|<your text>}} creates a link that purges the cache of a page, i.e. forces a reload of all pulled-in templates. Sensible texts would be e.g. purge page cache,   update subpages,   refresh templates.


{{brbox|<width>|<text>}} can be used to achieve a box that looks like the following:



You can put lots of text in here, images and whatnot.

The template also takes a width parameter, e.g.:

{{brbox|width=300px|text here}}

Bigger version

You can also use {{Brbox/Begin}} and {{Brbox/End}} to enclose larger sections of wikitext that doesn't work as a template parameter!


Birthright templates

shortcut iconSee Also: Category:BR Utility Templates


Multiple ways to do money exist, but only a few are practical, and here they are:

  • 25gold 50silver {{gs|25|50}}
  • 35silver 10copper {{sc|35|10}}
  • 10gold 48silver 32copper {{gsc|10|48|32}}

Note that there's not much use to mention copper and gold together; that is akin to mentioning the amount of change when referring to a transaction of multiples $100 or €100. It's simply not worth mentioning.

When more than one denomination is being mentioned, the following are deprecated, as they require more effort put forth than is needed. They remain because there may always be articles that link to them. Other than that, sometimes only one denomination is necessary; for these times, the following are useful:

  • 1gold 10silver 05copper {{g|1}}{{s|10}}{{c|5}}
  • 10silver 15copper {{s|10}}{{c|5}}
  • 5copper {{c|5}}

Article Types

See also Category:Article Type Templates.

Templates for labeling Articles with an article type (such as 'Character', 'Location', 'User Interface', 'Adventure', etc.) are available: see BRWiki:Article types.

Birthright Forum Links

ADMIN NOTE: We are yet to test this aspect in BRWiki. Hopefully in the future, we will be able to link to the BR forum as follows:

  • Use {{brforumlink|URL|subject|date/time|author}} to get a link like:
    NOTE: Make sure to use %3D instead of = in URL or this template won't work right.

shortcut iconSee Also: BRWiki:Boilerplates, Category:BR Icons, Category:Templates