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Policy status and phases

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This page is an official policy on BRWiki.

This policy has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.

  • Feel free to propose any changes to this policy, but please make sure that changes you make follow the official process and reflect consensus on the discussion page before you put them into practice. Any changes need to be Adopted or Decreed to be enforced as policy.
  • See the Policies home page for an overview of BRWiki policies.
  • See Category:Policies for a list of proposed and adopted policy articles.

This policy was adopted due to being grandfathered and implemented. Please vote in the discussion area if you disagree with this policy.

Editing at BRWiki may be simple, but good editing is never simple. These are some tips to editing a good page, in a way that works smoothly with other contributors. You may also want to see the see also section at the bottom of this page.

Perfection not required, or, the joy of editing

It is wonderful when someone adds a complete, well-written, final draft to BRWiki. This should always be encouraged.

However, one of the great advantages of the Wiki system is that incomplete or poorly written first drafts of articles can evolve into polished, presentable masterpieces through the process of collaborative editing. This gives our approach an advantage over other ways of producing similar end-products. Hence, the submission of rough drafts should also be encouraged as much as possible.