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Birthright Copyright

The information found on this wiki is released under a certain license. That license indicates where and how the Birthright information on BRWiki or can be published. It also grants certain permissions to use various materials that are copyrighted to Wizards of the Coast and its affiliates. The conditions of this license must be followed.

Giving Acknowledgements

Similarly, if you use any images or text that originates in any other publication and/or webpage, then:

  1. You should check that reproduction is allowed.
  2. You should acknowledge your source/s. For images, this can be done when uploading the file or by adding it to the image description page. For text, this can be done by adding the equivalent to the following at the end of the article:

Most of the original content of this page is based on "I'm a little teapot" by A. Short and B. Stout, which can found at

Copyright within a wiki

As with other wikis, most articles may be edited by multiple people. By participating in this wiki, you are granting permission for such editing to be done to your contributions.

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Image copyright

Copyrights must also be recognised for images. This wiki has guidelines for the use of images.