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Welcome to the BRWiki Community Portal!


You can help build BRWiki into a better Birthright information source and wiki community by editing and creating new articles.

Tip of the day: Don't die. Or make edits that are incorrect. Both are bad, really.
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To Do

  1. Would you like to look at the on-going votes and vote?
  2. Write a new article that's on the the wanted list.
  3. Do you have a moment to respond to a request for comment?
  4. Could you Peer review some articles?
  5. How about linking a page from the Orphanage back into the BRWiki?
  6. We have loads of Stubs that need expanding and categorizing!
  7. Or browse the entire Things to do category!

Or perhaps something from the visitor's wish list?

  • Add more content!! --Arjan 16:01, 28 November 2006 (EST)

Active collaborations

In order to improve the quality of articles which are short or lacking in detail, BRWiki's community take part in collaborations to expand articles.

Collaboration of the week

previous collaborations

The first collaboration will be focused on adding as much content as possible, no specific type of articles..more information

Projects and teams

If you are looking for a way to help the wiki, one good way is to contribute your time to the projects being worked on by community teams. Joining a team is always a great way to help out!

Community team examples:

Cat Team
People constantly fail to put articles in the appropriate categories and nobody ever reads category policy before posting so this team is always looking for members!
This team consists of the elite "marines" of article improvement.
The keepers of lore within BRWiki, making sure it conforms to the material in the Birthright core material.

About BRWiki

Category-based access to pages about BRWiki

Community information

About BRWiki · BRWikians · Donations ·

Featured content

Featured articles (not operational)


Quick ways to get answers

New user information

Help · How to edit a page · Wiki Tutorial · Sandbox

Advanced help for contributors

Wiki User's Guide

Ways to communicate

Contact (overview) ·

Common procedures

Peer review · Deleting a page (Policy) · Naming policies · Rename (move) a page

Account maintenance

Account benefits · User preferences ·

Technical information

Export page(s) in XML

Writing/Reference resources

BRWiki Policies

Policy status and phases

Policies, conventions and guidelines

Overview of policies · Copyright · Editing · BRWiki etiquette · Be bold!

How to resolve conflicts

Be nice to newcomers · Request assistance from a members' advocate ·


Editing quickref · How to edit a page · Special pages · Templates (All) · Boilerplates (All)

Ongoing votes

Proposed policies and changes:

none at present

Other votes:

none at present

All ongoing votes are listed in Category:Votes in progress. If you like, you can add your own votes and summaries to the above list!

Tip of the day: Don't die. Or make edits that are incorrect. Both are bad, really.
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