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This page is considered a guideline on BRWiki.

It illustrates standards of conduct, which many editors agree with in principle. However, it is not policy.

Citing sources provides a way to ensure that the information contained in this wiki is correct, and defuses the common criticism that information in a wiki is unreliable. Providing citations is especially helpful where different sources describe two conflicting versions of lore.

Citation template

The {{Cite}} template can be used to cite to manuals, novels, and other published works in the Birthright universe.

  • In the text where you want to create a citation, use the cite template.
  • After the first pipe, write the appropriate abbreviation from BRWiki:Citation index.
  • After the second pipe, include a page number.

Requests for citations

If a fact is quoted in an article which might be under dispute or can not be verified, the {{Fact}} template can be added where a citation would go. An explanation of why a source is needed should also be placed on the article's discussion page.

If an entire article or section of an article is of unclear source, add the {{Source needed}} template.

Articles with the above templates will appear in Category: Articles needing citations.