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This is an annotated list of featured boilerplates. See Category:Boilerplates for a complete, non-annotated list.

While "boilerplates" are arguably "templates", we like to differentiate them somewhat. "Templates" are mostly small snippets that can be used inside pages (see BRWiki:Templates). "Boilerplates" are full-page models that can be used when creating new pages.

  • To use a boilerplate, either edit a boilerplate page and copy&paste its contents to a new page, OR start a new page and pull the boilerplate in with {{subst::Boilerplate:Name}}, save, and then re-edit the page.

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NPC articles

Location articles

Class articles

Spell lists

Just like it says on the tin! A Boilerplate for a spell list for those classes that use em. Magician Spells and Cleric Spells are two examples.

Single/Domain spell article

Feats article

For pages such as the Warrior Feats. Again, I think we've just got the Warrior one for now, so maybe we can base a Boilerplate on that (or make a Boilerplate and adapt the existing page :))

Single Feat

Class tactics

Don't think we've got any of these. What I was thinking for these pages is that they'd give a fairly short discussion on the more advanced aspects of each class, but then shoot off with lots of links to some really in-depth pages. Some of these may be shared between classes

Any further thoughts also welcome

Adventure article

Item article


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