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The BR Wiki is a wiki containing articles relating to and expanding on theBirthright Campaign Setting, a setting originally written for the second edition Dungeons & Dragons game which is the property of Wizards of the Coast (WotC). This public wiki is managed by the fansite at, originally set up according to the agreement with WotC as the official fansite.

This wiki has its own policies and ways of editing and creating pages. The public is free to edit most pages, subject to those conditions.

Aims of BR Wiki

  • To provide an immediate access to Birthright lore and rules.
  • To provide a centralised structure for fans of Birthright to publish their own ideas, fan fiction and details of their own Birthright campaign.
  • To provide a centralised structure to encourage the development of Birthright rules given new versions of Dungeons and Dragons and other roleplaying systems.

It is NOT the aim of this wiki to replace the PDF form of the d20/D&D 3.5 BRCS, nor any Birthright publications released by WotC now or in the future. These shall remain as the "official" versions of Birthright and any conflicting details on this wiki shall be regarded as "unofficial".

It is also NOT the aim of the wiki to be a discussion point into the rules and lore of Birthright. That should be done in the BR forum.

The wiki was not originally designed to relate directly to the computer game The Gorgon's Alliance. Discussions and downloads for this game can be found in the BR forum.

Dnd.gifBIRTHRIGHT, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, the BIRTHRIGHT logo, and the D&D logo are trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc., and are used by permission. ©2002-2010 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.Wizards.gif

Using the BR Wiki

The BR Wiki is a place were fans can share their creations. It is a place where the basic information provided in published materials can be expanded on, where new realms, characters, monsters, etc can be published. It is a place where people can put stories, songs, poetry, and sagas, where they can explain their medieval world view, or expound on the dogma of this temple or that.

What the BR Wiki is clearly therefore not is 'canon'. At the outset the moderators planned to put an observation or fanfic banner on every page that was player created. It very shortly became apparent that every page would need one banner or another, making them pointless. Consequently, these banners are now reserved for pages that are 'unusual interpretations' or directly conflict with canon. That does not mean that unmarked pages are canon - just that in the opinion of the last person to edit or read them, they are 'vanilla' extrapolations that should fit seamlessly into any BR campaign.

Some pages will be 'userpages' - these have the title username: page name. These are typically specific to a DM's or player's campaign - they should not therefore be edited, although correcting typos, making links and other pedantry are considered reasonable. The BRCS 3.5 conversion document is actively locked to prevent editing (although these pages can be mirrored elsewhere on the wiki to allow corrections to be made). Every other page on the wiki is subject to change without notice, bar the main page itself.

One other thing to remember, a wiki is not designed to be a linear document. Click a link originally designed to take you to a page on flora and fauna and you could easily jump to a page on a completely different topic. For instance, "Administrate" might lead to a page on how to run a kingdom or how to execute the Administrate domain action. Some links will lead to dismabiguation pages, but the meanings of links can change over time, just like pages.

Most pages are placed in one or more special page category, which is indicated at the bottom of the page. Pages often have a "breadcrumb" index at the top of the page which helps indicate what page they may be thought of as being a subsection of. Coloured-coded banners are also used at the top of pages in certain categories to help label them. If you read a page and think it needs a banner, category, or just 'some one to look at it', please contact a wiki moderator on - we are happy to help, if occasionally gruff.