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This article is a Birthright Campaign Setting (D&D 3.5/D20) page

The BRCS Document is a comprehensive toolbox consisting of rules, races, classes, feats, skills, various systems, spells, magic items, and monsters compatible with the d20 System version of Dungeons & Dragons from Wizards of the Coast.

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The feats in this section supplement the feats in the Player's Handbook and follow all the rules in that book for determining how many may be chosen and how often a character may do so. Feats with a noted culture are only available to characters that have had extensive exposure to the noted culture. These cultural notations are not cultural background feats; cultural background feats are listed in the section on Races.

Common feats, by culture

Each cultural area has an associated list of feats that are the most common acquired by the common people from that cultural background.

Restricted cultural feats

Certain feats within this chapter are denoted as tied to certain regions; generally, this means that only characters who hail from that culture may take these feats. However, a character that spends time in a certain area where a specific cultural feat is available may acquire feats from that region if he has at least two ranks in Knowledge (appropriate region).

A few basic feats from the Player's Handbook have been designated as cultural feats in the Birthright campaign – some standard feats are not generally available in some cultures. These feats are noted in italic in tables below, and are subject to the same availability rules as other cultural feats.

Half-elves may select cultural feats from the elven list or from one human list of their choice; i.e., from the culture of their human parent, whichever location best typifies the character’s background (i.e., raised in elven or human culture). Halflings may select feats from one human list of their choice; i.e., from the region in which they have spent most of their time.

Cultural feats: Conqueror (Anuire, Vos), Discipline (Anuire, Dwarf), Dwarven Artisan (Dwarf), Elven Artisan (Elf), Forestdweller (Rjurik, Elf), Hardiness (Rjurik, Vos, Dwarf), Highlander (Rjurik), Inscribe War Tattoo (Vos), Master Diplomat (Anuire, Brechtür, Khinasi), Master Merchant (Brechtür, Khinasi), Mounted Archery (Khinasi, Elf), Northerner (Rjurik, Vos), Plainsrider (Khinasi), Seafarer (Brechtür, Khinasi), Spirited Charge (Anuire), Two Weapon Defense (Brechtür)

Birthright feats

Table 1-9: Birthright feats
General Feats Prerequisites
Arcane Sanctum Scion level 1+, Arcane spell caster
Battle Caster Capable of casting 3rd level spells, Warcraft skill
Blood Focus Scion level 1
Bloodline Prodigy Scion level 2
Conqueror 1 -
Cultural Arms Training 1 Base attack bonus +1 or higher,

Proficient with cultural weapons/armor

Cultural Arms Focus 1 Base attack bonus +1or higher,

Cultural Arms Training, (see text)

Cultural Elite Arms Training 1 Base attack bonus +3 or higher,

Cultural Arms Training, (see text)

Cultural Rogue Training One rank in all listed cultural rogue skills.
Discipline -
Divine Sanctum Scion level 1 , Divine spell caster
Dwarven Artisan Craft skill 9 ranks
Elven Artisan Craft skill 9 ranks
Forestdweller -
Great Leader 1 Lead 9 ranks
Hardiness Con 13+
Highlander -
Leadership Character level 6+
Master Administrator Administrate 9 ranks
Master Diplomat Diplomacy 9 ranks
Master Merchant Profession (Merchant) 9 ranks
Master of the Arcane Knowledge (arcane) 9 ranks
Military Genius 1 Int 13+
Northerner -
Plainsrider Ride skill
Regent Focus -
Seafarer Profession (sailor) skill
Shadow Magic Spellcaster 1+
Spymaster Gather Information 9 ranks
Wilderness Savant Knowledge (nature) 9 ranks
Divine Feats Prerequisites
Daily Blessing Ability to turn/rebuke undead, ability to cast Bless, Cha 13+.

Item Creation Feats Prerequisites
Inscribe War Tattoo Wis 13+, Craft (Tattoo) skill, capable of casting 2nd level divine spells

Racial Feats Prerequisites
Elven Voice Elf, Perform (singing), Cha 13+
Spellsong Mastery Elven Voice, Still spell,
Shadow Walker Halfling , Wis 13+
Shadow Guide Shadow Walker
Improved Shadow Guide Shadow Guide

1: Fighters may select this feat as one of their bonus fighter feats.

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